VA Foreclosures- Want to Get into a Home with NO Appraisal Cost and 100% Financing?

Do you know what gets me excited?!?

Finding a NEW loan option for my Buyers!  

Do you know what get's me even MORE excited?!?

Finding a GREAT deal for my Buyers!!!

Many Real Estate Agents shy away from Foreclosures.  They may downplay the options available to their buyers because Foreclosures ARE a little bit more work to get into, and they can have hidden issues that require due diligence on the Homebuyers part by getting a home inspection and accepting a property in "as is" condition. 

My very first home purchase for myself was a Foreclosure.  My 4 bedroom 2 bath 1800+ square foot home in Moultrie, GA was a bank owned property.  The home sits on over an acre of land, and cost us 50,000.  Did the home have some issues?  Well...yes.  I neglected to get a Home Inspection as we were on a TIGHT budget- I was pregnant with my third child (who was actually born IN the home- but that's a whole 'nother Blog post!) and I had two toddlers.  My husband worked for the School System making 32,000 a year and I was a full time College student working on my Bachelor's degree.  We were BROKE but we had good credit and managed to move into our home with almost no money down!  

Issues we ran into?  Besides the pink shag carpeting throughout the home and the bright pink bathrooms?  Well, since we neglected to purchase a  home inspection, when we turned the power on, the hot water heater insulation caught on fire and we had to buy a new Water Heater.  Other than that...I still own a Rental Home after all these years that brings in a monthly income, and was one of the best purchases I ever made.

Bringing me back to my excitement...I have discovered a new type of loan called a VA Vendee Loan.  This loan is only good on VA Foreclosures, offers 100% financing (no downpayment!), NO appraisal, and 2% Seller Concessions (Mainly applied towards closing costs).  If you qualify for this type of loan, the only expense you will run into is your optional Home Inspection, and possible closing costs.  

If you are interested in VA Foreclosures please check out some local VA homes at  Let me know if any catch your eye, and we will schedule a showing for you!

(Also....there are MANY other types of foreclosures out there. are HUD owned properties that I am familiar with, along with many REO Bank owned properties as well.  Feel free to give me a call at 334-806-0364 to discuss ANY home you see on the Market.  My goal is to help you "Find YOUR way home!"

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