Tips for starting the home search

1. Know yourself. Do you want to build or find a home already? Do you want to be within city limits or countryside? Are you handy and looking for a fixer-upper or perfer to get contractor?

2. Research. Check out the area you maybe interested in living in. What are necessities, how far is your desired commute times?

3.Finances. It important to know how much you can afford. Most of the time lenders perfer to that you get a home 2 to 3 times your gross income. You can draft a budget so that you know what is safe to spend each month on a new mortgage. Don't fall in love with a home without knowing if you can afford it first. You can get prequalified with a lender before your search.

4.Make a time line. When are you wanting to move in? At once? 2-3 months? 6 months or next year? It is important to know when you want to, or need to make this move.

5.Future. As no one can see into the future it is important to prepare for what may come. Will this home still be a good fit for you 5-10 years from now?

6.Work with a realtor. Realtors are trained to help families find that home. We have access to data that can help to narrow down your options so that it is not so over whelming. We are also able to show homes and set up sales, help families get into touch with lenders as needed.

7. Focus. Don't be closed minded, or unrealistic. Many homes will have minor imperfections that can be changed so do not let that sway you from considering a home that would otherwise fit you perfectly. On the flip side do not let the the " wow" factor blind you from potentially unwanted issues that will later impact your life negatively.

8. Less stress. House hunting can be very fun, and looking in on homes that you may be interested can be exciting however the more homes you look at can create a undesired stress level. The perfect home idea becomes murky and you may loose sight of what you truly want in a home. Set a goal for yourself but be realistic on your goal.


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