Small Subdivisions and Close Community Ozark Alabama!

A couple weekends ago, my partner, Ben Jimmerson, and I were at a Listing appointment at this well maintained home at 119 Walding Court in Ozark Alabama- 4 miles outside of the Fort Rucker gate.  As we sat at their kitchen table, gathering details and talking to the Home Owners, I kept getting distracted by looking out the window at the beautiful tree covered in Spanish Moss in the front yard, and the quiet street view.

What I realized later as I was thinking about this home...not one car rolled down that still street, the entire time we were talking at the table.

After gathering all listing details, we went into the backyard to look at the outside of the house.  The homeowner tells me how she loves to stand outside and watch the sunrise.  Across the street is a big field that she observes wild turkeys and deer graze almost daily.  She tells me how the land is owned by the neighbor across the way- and from what she has heard- the neighbor feeds the wildlife and doesn't ever want to sell the property.  We then start talking about the other neighbors in the neighborhood, about their homes- the improvements that they have made to their homes, and how friendly they are.

Later, as I was reflecting on this property and preparing to list the home- I looked at the tax records and saw that the neighborhood of Meadow Oak only has 12 homes.  12.  Homes!  No wonder the road was so private and peaceful.  And my Client knows about the lives of those around her- she only has to keep up with 12 other Home Owners!

For people who don't like neighborhoods but don't want the total isolation of living outside of a neighborhood- small subdivisions like Meadow Oak in Ozark Alabama may be the way to go.  A close-knit community, where people know the cars rolling up and down the street day in and day out, because there are so few cars to keep track of.  

If you are looking to buy a home, consider small neighborhoods and the value that they offer.  You can feel like you are living in the peaceful Country setting, but still have the familiar presence of a neighborhood watching out for one another.

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