Making New Friends in Midland City Alabama through Real Estate!

One of the absolute BEST parts of being a REALTOR is the opportunity to make new friends.  Sometimes friendships come about unexpectedly- such as in the case of Listing a Home.

For me, listing a home is an opportunity to help someone get the most money for their home in the shortest amount of time possible.  I use several methods to get potential buyers to be  "wowed" by the Listing- and want to view the home.  Listing a home is an act of service.  I develop a responsibility to my Client- my Mama Bear syndrome kicks in, and my client and their home = my cubs.  My own self interests fade away as I attempt to do my due diligence to my Client with factual information and emotional support as we move through the home sale process.

Sometimes this fading away is difficult, and sometimes effortless. In the case of my closing on the last day of 2019- time spent with my Seller wasn't "work"- it was a joy. Today, 61 days after I met my Seller through Facebook- we closed on her Midland City Alabama home.   My Seller was a joy to work with.  She had a LOT of questions, and a great attitude.  We talked about God (a belief we both share), and when we had trouble closing on time, or started unnecessarily worrying about inspections and repairs, my Seller was quick to put her faith and trust in God (even though she probably thinks she did a lot of griping!).  She helped ME to remember WHO is in charge- a fact that in spite of the blessings I have received throughout my life- I often forget!

While one chapter of life is now "closed,"  I'm happy to say that the relationship created throughout her home sale is still "open".  Making new friends is a blessing from God- and I'm certainly glad He chose Real Estate as an avenue for me to help, bless others, and receive His blessings!

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