For the Love of….well, Houses.

Growing up in the Military and traveling to different countries and States, houses have always fascinated me.  From my childhood home in Virginia where the shutters and the windows on the house looked eerily like a face whenever we drove up (I was convinced this house was haunted), to the “Field Trip” we took in Art Class while living in Holland… (imagine a Whole Fourth Grade class mixed with Americans, Canadians, and Brits, trekking through the woods to an old abandoned house made of stone that was so old there was no driveway leading up to it)…I’ve always had an obsession with homes.

The basic need for humanity to have housing has led from caves to escape the elements, to mansions and condos and houses built onto rocky cliffs.  From castles with moats, to cathedrals with bell towers housing deaf Quasimodo …  From teepees to mobile homes…each home is miraculous in itself.  We have ingeniously engineered some amazing places to keep humanity safe and warm.

However, what really makes each home special?  Is it the architect’s layout?  The handpicked stones from a field stacked one on top of another?   The builder’s plans meticulously plotted on paper?  The Sherwin Williams paint colors against the living room wall?

Or is it the individual people that live under the roof…whether that roof is a rocky edge or an 30 year architectural shingle?

Each home has a story to tell.  Of a family.  Of individuals.  Where they safe?  Where they kept warm?  Where they happy?  Each home has a History…and a future.  So my not-so secret obsession with homes, has been an obsession with people all along.  And that’s what makes what I do, being a Realtor, the most enjoyable “job” I could possibly have.

Each home has a story, and I’m so happy that I get to help be a chapter of that story…one house at a time.

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