At Home with Diversity...Helping The Diverse Community of the Wiregrass

I first met Song when she called me out of the blue asking me to come over and list her home.  The next day I showed up at her large, beautiful home in Ozark Alabama.   I met Song in her home, where she had two cups of hot green tea waiting for us.  Song was very upset, she was frustrated because she wanted to sell her home, and felt like she wasn't being understood or how to even start the process in selling her home for the amount she wanted.  

While most Sellers are initially frustrated trying to sell their homes, and don't always know where to start or what to do, Song was a special situation.  Song is of Korean descent and English is not her native language.  She isn't able to read English, or speak English very clearly.  She also doesn't email, text, and barely talks on the phone.  Nowadays, almost every Realtor relies heavily on the first three to communicate and conduct business.  So, Clients like Song are no longer the norm in this business as far as digital communication.  

I spent a lot of time with Song, and it took me awhile to understand her broken English.  We talked about family, about her deceased husband who was in the  military and stationed in Korea where they met, about her plants, and her love of cooking.  I was concerned about communicating numbers correctly so we had to get out a sheet of paper and break down numbers old school to make sure we got everything worked out and understood clearly by the both of us.

And then I asked to use her bathroom where I prayed.  I asked God if I should even take this Listing.  I asked God if I could help her.  I asked God for help and guidance.  And I felt a calm presence telling me to go ahead and it would all work out.

I'm not going to say it was easy...the time spent with Song was significant to get her home not only under contract, but every piece of paper and addendum had to be discussed in person.  Easy doesn't always bring a blessing though.  Not only did I eat the most amazing fried rice (Song actually cooked for my entire family TWICE!), but I heard stories of growing up in Korea, of being orphaned at a young age, of going through the death of a husband, and of being a single woman at 76 who is moving to be closer to people in her same culture. We both cried at my last visit to her house, because she wasn't just my Client, but we became friends.

Real Estate isn't just about selling houses.  It's about the people we help, who sometimes help us in return more than they ever know.  I am blessed beyond measure, and I am grateful that the world is full of diverse, wonderful people such as Song.

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