A 2020 BIG Year!

527 Lee Road 2087 Salem Al 36875
Nicholas and Liamay Homan,
Wondering military family putting down roots close to his home. 11/17/2020

161 Pecan Street Eufaula, Al 36027
Wonderful young family. She know she wanted this house even when it was not for sell. We watch and waited, after alot of negotiations, a few repairs, She got her house with a huge yard! Angela Hicks and Antonio Lee

120 Tanglewood Drive Headland Al 36354
Military couple! Loving it, I couldn't service but I will do everything I can to make their home life their peaceful and what their good dreams are made of!
Nathan Grabher

102 Lanceleaf, Dothan Al 36303
Military vet! My favorite people! This vet bought a house for his daughter, whom he lived with, she was caring for him, he was not in good health. Super sweet man, amazing family! 08/14/2020

154 Bruner Rd Dothan Al 36301
Don't do business with freind, pleeeeeease! I would do business with those guys all day long!! This sweet cute tieing the knot next, she said yes! This man is so amazing and they are a prefect match! 07/20/2020

117 Front Porch Way, New Brockton Al
Military family moving to the area, thank you for your service. This was a new biuld that the majority of the work was done by Stephen Holland, thanks to him it went smoothly!

603 Farrah Cir, Dothan Al 36301
Oh this was so much fun! She had saved up, worked hard and needed a house that would fit her large family, only took 2 weekends and she know she had found the one! She is an amazing sweet women!

42 Ryan Loop Phenix City, Al

Frist time home buyer! The smile on her face when we walked into that house, she know she was home! Now she no longer lives in a small space, but in her nice amazing new home!
Kayla Allen

200 Craftman Dr Dothan Al 36303
Love me a Military family throw down roots! Wonderful family with a new beautiful home.

108 Wrinn Dothan Al 36301
I love this couple! He got this house for her as a wedding gift! It was a surprise for her family! Who does this ?!! Elbert Mejia

100 Fairbanks Ave Dothan Al 36301
Signal partner, working hard to give his son everything in live! Do a great job at it, wonderful father, great freind!
Justin Brewer

17 Sword St Fort Mitchell Al 36856
Military FAMILY!! Those family was so fun to work with! And their daughter was full throttle 3yr, so much fun! Such a beautiful family that after a number of tried got this beautiful home they plan on using as income later in live!! Thats what I call plan it out!!
Charles and Latoya Warren

1253 County Road #25 Midland City 36350
This was a hard fought battle that ended with them getting this house! Sweet family just wanting the American Dream!
Jose Parada

126 Woodland Cir Troy Al 36081
First time home owners! First responder! Beautiful young couples, works hard, and take care of a family. Good people!
Kevin and Rachael Heil

2440 Sand Cut Road Greenville Al 36037
This man can cook!! Very awesome couple! Newlyweds, frist house together. Great people!
Brain Holliday

652 County Rd Chancellor Al 36316
We worked for over a year to find the right place to biuld their get away!
Thank you for your service, another Military family!
Ross and Jennifer Nelson

Center Ridge Road Clayton Al 36016
Welcome to owning land to hunt in Alabama! From one hunter to another, be safe, enjoy and make as many memories as you can, they don't stay small for long!
Arianne and Nathan Palmer

1407 Tonawanda Dr Dothan, Al 36303
One of my favorite couples for sure, they have a cutest little boy that is growing up in a house full of love!
Wyatt Jones and Hannah Ponder

That is all my sells so far for 2020, I wanted to say thankyou each and every family that has allowed me to be apart of their lives and in making a house a home for them. I have enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to helping more families in this comig year!

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